Sunday, 6 November 2011

Science year 2 unit 3 : Animals

Let's Learn About ....

1. What animals need to live

There are many types of animals living on earth. what do animals eat to live?

 The needs of animals

1. food
2. water
3. air

Animals are living thing.animals need to eat food to stay alive. Animals need to drink water to stay alive. Animals also need to breathe air to stay alive. Without food, water and air, animals will die.

Video clip link:

Animals need to eat food to satay alive 

Animals need to drink water to stay alive.

Let's Find Out
Does a grasshopper need air to stay alive?

1. A grasshopper is kept in a container labelled P.
2. Another grasshopper is placed in a different container, labelled Q. Both containers have leaves and water.
3. Both containers are covered and some holes are punched into the cover of container Q.
4. The containers are put aside for a day.
5. After one day, the grasshopper in container P is dead while the grasshopper in container Q is still alive.
6. From the results above, we have learned that animals need air to live.

Do you know:

Moral Values
Be kind to your pet and small animals

Some of us keep animals at home. We may keep a cat, a dog or a bird. Such animals are known as pets. We need to take great care of our pets. We should give enough food and water. They need clean and comfortable home too. Pets make good companions. We can have fun with them.




Animals need food, water and air to live. Animals can sometimes live for weeks without food. They can live for two or three days without water but animals will die within a few minutes if without air. Air is the most important thing that living things need to stay alive. 

Let' try this :


Let' play this : These hungry little fish will follow your mouse when you clicking the surface of the water.

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